The Noise on 309

by Rust

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The Noise on 309 is Rust's first full-length release. It was recorded live in one marathon session (because that's all we could afford) leaving time for only two or three takes per song. The album was written as if it were a vinyl record, comprised of two distinct, conceptual sides. Side one (tracks 1-5, referred to as "309") is more aggressive, racing at breakneck speed and dealing with snarkier, funnier topics. The second side (tracks 6-9, referred to as "Kings Highway") is slow burning and progressive, dealing with more serious subject matter. We've made it a long way from the basement, and we hope that you enjoy our latest project!

Note: This record is to be played at high, disruptive volumes.


released May 12, 2017

Dylan Rex - Vox, rhythm guitar
Alessandro Consuelos - Lead guitar
Zachary McDonald - Bass, backing vocals
Michael Mazzucco - Drums

Words on tracks 1 and 5-9 by Dylan Rex
Words on tracks 2-4 by Alessandro Consuelos
All music by Dylan Rex, Alessandro Consuelos, Zach McDonald, and Michael Mazzucco

Recorded and mixed at Westwire Studios



all rights reserved


Rust Allentown, Pennsylvania

Good old fashioned rock 'n' roll born in a garage and raised in a basement.

Dylan Rex

Alessandro Consuelos

Zach McDonald

Michael Mazzucco

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Track Name: Worried Mother
Empty spaces. Rented out companies.
Rusted towers falling down at your knees.
Why'd everyone say this would be such a breeze?
It's just a crapped out city with no room to breathe.

Cluttered tables filled up with seeds.
Cemented books and worn out DVDs.
Why can't this place sell anything for free?
Is this a goddamn school, or high class company?
And it's about that time I packed up to leave.

Worried Mommy. Scared that I don't know. You're so, so pale, Mommy.
Deep sighs. Tell me why. I can see you're peeved at me, Mommy.
Just goes to show you can't win 'em all, Mommy.

Picky people piling up all their needs.
Pretty pictures. Gentlemen gulping greed.
How can you watch this tragic Shakespearean scene?
Othello's long gone now. It's just you and me left with Iago's old dirty disease.

Worried Mommy.
Wish I could show you how much I've grown, Mommy.
Track Name: What's a Little Sex Between Good Friends?
What was it that I said last night that made you turn around and out the light?

I turn away with glassy eyes.
You say it's fine, but your words are buttered knives.
You say, "Baby, lets be free," as you lock the door and look at me.

Just another round of break-up sex to help you forget your ex.
At least for a day or two.
Well I know that things ain't right. You need a friend, but only for one night.

The morning comes and, well, you're gone.
You left with no good-bye, it's no surprise.

You say we're just good friends with a slide as you're prying off my pants.
Whispering fictions in my ear. All the things you waited all day to hear.

Just another round of break-up sex to help you forget about your ex.
At least for an hour or two.
Well I know that I'm being used, but that toxic smile I can't refuse.

Just another round of break-up sex to help your forget your ex.
What's the difference anyway?
We all know how the picture ends.
Surrounding darkness without a sound.
Track Name: Philadelphia
Do you remember those nights hanging out on the West Side?
With the windows down and the radio late at light?
Now the stacks are falling down and running dry
and I'm packing my bags and giving this town a good-bye.

Bright city lights.
Bad, bad city at night.

Well they say there's work in New York City.
And the rent can be a little cheaper if you're young and pretty.
I like it down here in the Brotherly Love.
Where steel covers the skin, but ain't the only thing that men are made of.

Cigarettes and coffee at night
makes everything right.

I don't wanna live in California.
I don't need another day laying in the sun.
I wanna stay right here in Philadelphia.
Oh, I'm so free.
Oh, I'm so good.
Track Name: 18
She's 18. She thinks she's better than me.
A face that launched a thousand ships to the sea.
She's got some pretty eyes, but tells some pretty lies.
When she turns her back on you don't be surprised.

She's 18. She likes vodka for breakfast.
A Tuesday morning sober is another day wasted.
That's all good when you're young, and you're brave.
After her nothing else is the same.

She don't know what she's looking for.
Someone to fuck, or something more.
She don't care what she wants to be.
That's alright, darling. You know, 'cause you're only 18.

She's 18. The girl thinks she's so grown up.
"Look at my apartment full of stuff."
Acts full of poise, so full of grace.
She's looking for the man to wipe tears off her face.
Track Name: Wink, Wink
Hello, darling. Pardon, love.
I'm down here, so quit your staring at the ceiling above.

You look nervous. Need a drink?
This is my sixth, but left my fifth floating right there in the sink.

I see ya laying all stretched out on the floor.
Eyes say you could dig some more.

Mums the word. Don't let it slip.
Mind the reputation. You were good at never enjoying it.

Wink, wink.
Track Name: Train
I'm sorry, but it's time to leave you know.
I'm sorry, but it's time to leave.
To go our separate ways it seems.
To find our dreams.

I'm sorry, but the train's rolling away.
I'm sorry, but the glass is fogging up.
I cannot see your face.
It's empty space.

Leaving doesn't mean it's the end.
Leaving doesn't mean we should not talk about what we planned for our world.

I'm sorry, but the suns going down.
I'm sorry, but the beams don't fill my heart with all its endless grace.
It lost its place.
Track Name: The Wire
What game you playing with me now, because you got me on the wire.
Lifting me up, or knocking down? Can't say I'm feeling any higher.
You got me laying in the sun. I think we're starting, but you shut me up. We're done.
As the moon begins to rise you start to soften, but I cannot see your eyes.

Good morning kiss to start the day. You could not hold me any tighter.
These crazy voices start to play. Could not be shining any brighter.
"Rain check," you say and turn to me.
"You being clever or you got somewhere to be?"
What a busy, busy girl. Don't worry, honey I'll pack up my whole world.

You call and ask me where I've been.
I'm wondering where this is coming from.
You're packing knives behind your eyes.
They're pushing deeper when I try to slide closer; move my hand.
I guess I don't understand.
Track Name: Scotty
Scotty's on the ledge. Julie's out giving head.
Spotlights in the sky watch a chrome horse losing speed outside.
The diplomat bids good-bye.

Scotty launches missile five. Julie cries from scattered eyes.
Say hello to the bathroom tile.
"Honey, think you'll be down there for a while, baby child?"
Track Name: Her
Her defenses are down, but I'm speechless somehow.
"How hard could it be to know you, and for you to know me?"

It's been a long time.

I hope I'm doing all right.

Her smiles getting to me.
Her touch is killing me.
The night is so cold, but you're warm.


Sleep tight.

Don't let the bed bugs bite.